26/05/2023 :
Zientzia eta teknologia eguna

In person: Polideportivo de Markina-Xemein

Zientzia eta Teknologia Eguna is organised by Leartibai Fundazioa as part of its TALENTATU programme to attract young people to science and technology.

This year, NEIKER will have a stand where students will be able to carry out some simple soil health measurements. They will also be responsible for taking a soil sample and measuring its pH and/or level of compaction, for example.

One of the typical target users of Action 7.2 Citizen science platform is school children. This event will be an opportunity to reach out to the school community and test some of the measurements that are planned to be included in the soil health assessment programme on the citizen science platform of the LIFE IP Urban Klima 2050 project.