Within the framework of Urban Klima 2050, Tecnun honours photographs that illustrate the effects of climate change


Within the framework of Urban Klima 2050, Tecnun has honoured five photographs that illustrate the effects of climate change in the Basque Country. The “Tecklima2050” competition “responded to the mission of raising awareness among the public at large, especially young people, encouraging them to take part by posting pictures on their social media”. These are the words spoken by Cinta Lomba, a lecturer at Tecnun, the University of Navarre’s School of Engineering, at the awards ceremony held this morning. Cristina Lagé, San Sebastian city councillor for sustainable tourism, has presented the city’s prize. Her address has highlighted the mainstream role that tourism plays “as it is also an industry, and needs to be sustainable at all social, economic, scientific and environmental levels”. 

Special mention should be made of the sponsorship provided by Hotel Arbaso, La Perla San Sebastián, Nekatur, Ekomodo, and Kafea, which “has meant that the prize-winners have received gifts and vouchers, which have helped to increase participation”, Lomba explained.  

 “Most of the photos we have received have focused on the effects of extreme events, such as torrential rain and heatwaves, although they have also shown a significant concern for our local flora and fauna, as parties impacted by these circumstances”, the Tecnun lecturer has further stated. 

It should be noted that the competition has been organised as part of the Urban Klima 2050 project of which Tecnun is a member together with another 20 organisations and institutions. “Part of our work involves driving people’s engagement and empowerment through these kinds of actions”, as described by Josune Hernantes, also a member of the teaching staff at Tecnun.  “Furthermore, the School is making a direct contribution, together with other social bodies within Urban Klima 2050, through several projects that will lead to new models of climate governance in the Basque Country and to the management of critical infrastructures for the fight against climate change”, is the conclusion reached by Hernantes, who together with Lomba is heading this project at the School.