24/10/2022 :
Webinar: Supporting local governments in their energy and climate transition


Workshop in WEBINAR format aimed at technical staff in the areas of sustainability, environment and energy, as well as elected officials. The new project to support Basque local administrations in their energy and climate transition will be presented, which includes actions aimed at strengthening the technical equipment and knowledge in the field of energy of the staff of these administrations, and the technical and financial support programmes for the implementation of measures.

The conference will provide municipal and county representatives and technical staff with first-hand knowledge of a new initiative that will enable the selection and incorporation of technical staff into local administrations through an agreement with Lanbide and the Novia Salcedo Foundation. At the conference, the procedure to be followed by interested local entities will be explained. 
The conference also aims to provide local administrations with the support and aid programmes that exist for taking new steps in the field of transition and climate change, which are included in the "Erreminta-gida" project. 


12:00 | Welcome by the Director General of EVE, Iñigo Ansola, and the Director General of Ihobe, Alex Boto.

12:10 | Presentation of the initiative to incorporate technical staff into the local administration.

12:25 | Presentation of the new guide to help local administration "Erreminta-gida".

12:45 | Question and answer session

13:00 | End of the session