30/09/2021 :
Urban Klima 2050: multi-stakeholder collaboration to finance and bridge the adaptation gap in the Basque Country

In person: Palacio Euskalduna (Bilbao)

Hybrid format: Palacio Euskalduna in Bilbao / Online (streaming broadcast after registration)

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Urban KLIMA 2050 is the most ambitious initiative led by the Basque Country which aims at ensuring the resilience of the territory from a multi-level governance, multi-stakeholder, and on-the-ground climate action approach. This largescale Life Integrated Project was launched in 2019 thanks to a partnership of 20 organisations and an investment of EUR19,8 million (with the European Union financing 52%). The project partners have set an ambitious target of delivering 40 actions in three specific areas - coast, river basins and urban/suburban areas -, over 6 years, impacting over 2 million people.

The workshop “Urban KLIMA 2050: multi-stakeholder collaboration to finance the adaptation gap in the Basque Country” will showcase the Basque commitment to fulfill the targets of the Paris Agreement through the political commitment, legislation, concrete strategies, financial means, and on-the-ground action, which involve a wide variety of stakeholders working towards the resilience of the territory, in contribution to the Global Goals for a sustainable and healthy planet.

The event will also connect the regional perspective and the global processes and campaigns led by the UNFCCC, showcasing how a positive impact at territorial scale can go a long way.

The workshop is an official side-event PreCOP26 – All4Climate Italy 2021.