01/12/2022 :
Urban Klima 2050 at the Ecology Conference in Mutriku

In person: Zabiel Kultur Etxea, Mutriku (Gipuzkoa)

The LIFE IP Urban Klima project will take part in the Ecology Conference organised by Mutriku Town Council. Three sessions will be held on November 2 and 15 and December 1 at the Zabiel Kultur Etxea, all starting at 7:00 pm.

Iñigo Urrutikoetxea Alvarez, a member of the Urban Klima 2050 coordination team, will take part in the last session, on Thursday, December 1, with a talk entitled 'Berdeguneen funtzioak hiri barnean' ('Functions of green areas in cities'), in which he will discuss the importance of naturalising urban spaces and analyse the close relationship between the implementation of natural solutions and the creation of joint social benefits for citizens of municipalities.

The series starts on Friday, November 2 with the talk entitled 'Endless growth is coming to an end' by the geologist Antonio Aretxabala. Meanwhile, Estibaliz Díaz, Doctor in Biology and AZTI technician, will give a talk entitled 'Angula eta aingiraren misterio miresgarria' ('The marvellous mystery of elvers and eels') on Tuesday, November 15.