Tasks for the conversion to organic agriculture in the agroecological park of Aramangelu/Basaldea (Vitoria-Gasteiz)

Within the actions to promote of local and organic agriculture, work has begun in the agroecological park of Aramangelu/Basaldea (Vitoria-Gasteiz). Some 3,8 ha of peri-urban horticulture and 1 ha of peri-urban fruit production have been selected for conversion to organic production. This is slightly more than the 4 ha planned in this Project

The Aramangelu/Basaldea agroecological park  is the extension of the current 20 agroecological hectares of Basaldea with the farms in the vicinity of the Aramangelu meander, all within the Vitoria-Gasteiz ring). This action seeks the promotion of organic and local agriculture (in line with what the climate change strategy of the Basque Country promotes) in municipal plots including advice to entrepeneurs and farmers in relation to the conversion to organic agriculture (proposals of technical itineraries, monitoring of the evolution of the plots, consulting problems or difficulties of cultivaton, rotations, etc.

This initiative is part of action C.4.2: Key green infrastructure for improving urban-rural connection and the resilience of the territory

Partners: NEIKER and CEA