Talking to seniors about climate change

Irun-Bidasoa Lifelong Learning
35 attendees


To show seniors the importance of being aware of the impact of climate change locally and in the field, as well as the importance and the need to boost climate change adaptation and mitigation actions.

The activity included a visit to Naturklima facilities with the aim of talking about the climate change issue locally, and telling participants about initiatives that are being carried out by the council to mitigate and adapt to climate change in areas such as the circular economy and the improvement of carbon sinks. Participants were able to see a concrete example of these initiatives, such as a local entrepreneurship project based on circular economy. Silvia Echeverría, from the company NAW, presented their eco-design and industrial relocation project, which aims to develop children’s sports footwear that allows for natural movement. Participants also learnt about the Urban Klima 2050 project, which this activity is part of, and the actions it promotes. They were also able to see how the effects of climate change are analysed on a local scale and understand the changes we are already seeing and the potential impact in different climate change scenarios in our region.

This group is an essential asset which is concerned about and aware of climate change, and they have already started to make changes in their daily habits. Their experience and knowledge can help to inform new measures and raise awareness in other sectors of the population, such as young people.