29/03/2023 :
State of the environment in the Basque Country. Past and future

In person: Palacio Kursaal - Donostia

The fifth Environmental Framework Program of Euskadi takes shape after a participatory process in which a large group of public and private agents, as well as experts in different disciplines and sectors of Basque society, have participated, resulting in a strategic environmental planning and 8 transformative projects for a more sustainable Euskadi in 2030.

Coinciding with the year of the approval of this PMA 2030, and being an indispensable part to reach this point, Ihobe celebrates 40 years at the service of the environment; 4 decades leading climate action, local sustainability and circular economy in the Basque Country, with a trajectory of shared work with companies and public administrations to contribute to environmental improvement and better quality of life for Basque citizens.

Program 29/03/2023

10:30 Forty years of environmental improvement in the Basque Country

Alexander Boto, General Manager of Ihobe

10:45 Strategic environmental planning for the next decade

Amaia Barredo, Vice Councilor for Environmental Sustainability

11:00 Round table: 8 transforming projects for a sustainable Basque Country

These projects are the levers that will put into practice the necessary measures to respond to the challenges set out in the LDC 2030; 8 projects that address environmental issues in a cross-cutting manner, with the implementation of transformative actions to generate more sustainable practices in different areas of activity of Basque society; ambitious projects and, in many cases, pioneers, both in Spain and in Europe.

12:00 Cocktail