Pilot projects

Progress in climate change mitigation and adaptation actions in 7 Basque municipalities

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We are intervening in the territory on three levels: urban/peri-urban areas, river basins and coast. The pilot projects we are developing in the future will be scalable to other areas in the Basque Country and other regions.

C.4 Local area intervention

“We are developing actions on climate change at the municipal level”

In the area of climate change, the municipalities have a very important role and in the future their action will be even more decisive in terms of adaptation.

Local governments, which are responsible for governance, must work to reduce losses caused by the adverse effects of climate change and improve efficiency in the use of environmental resources, with a positive impact on the natural environment.

To encourage the local governments’ involvement in addressing the climate challenge, we are developing demonstration projects at the local level to improve adaptation to climate change.

C.5 Intervention in river basins

“We are taking action on climate change around our river basins”

Climate change is expected to have an intensifying effect on natural risks. One example of this is the increased risk of flooding, which involves both climatic and non-climatic factors such as topography; drainage systems; permeability, constructed form; etc. All these factors increase the likelihood of damage and loss.

To avoid building defensive works that may not be respectful of the natural environment  there are Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) that reduce the risk of flooding in vulnerable areas, improving the natural capacity of the channels and the capacity to cope with erosion and sedimentation that exacerbate the negative consequences of floods.

We are using these Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) in our basins, also addressing the supply perspective.

C.6 Intervention in the coastal zone

“We are implementing climate change actions on the coast of the Basque Region”

The most significant effect of climate change on coastal management is the rise in sea level, which can lead to an increase in the level of flooding and more overflows in ports, putting more stress on coastal structures and causing more flooding on seafront promenades.

Because more than 65% of the Basque population lives around the coast, we want to encourage the adaptation of different environments in our territory: urban, port and natural environments. To achieve this, we are developing pilot interventions that include a series of measures for adapting to climate change.