Newsletter 13

Bizkaia Provincial Council highlights the actions of Urban Klima 2050 as part of its green-blue infrastructure plan; Tecnalia analyses the impacts of climate change on the energy system in Zarautz and Bilbao; and more.


Newsletter 12

Urban Klima 2050 Urban Klima 2050 reports on the progress of its climate actions to the European Commission in Álava; 82% of the Basque Parliament backs the Energy Transition and Climate Change Law; and more.


Newsletter 11

Urban Klima 2050 presents a collection of videos on the work planned and progress made on climate action; the Donostia City Council begins maintenance work in the reforestation in Oberan; and more.


Newsletter 10

Urban Klima 2050 invites citizens to ASTEKLIMA AZOKA, a participatory and familiar event to learn about climate change; rewilding of the second stretch of the River Errekatxulo in Donostia begins; and more.


Newsletter 9

Urban Klima 2050 knows in Biarritz experiences in adaptation of the coastline against the rise of sea level; AZTI replaces ARMS equipment to monitor benthos and study the effects of climate change on the Basque coastline; and more.


Newsletter 8

Urban Klima 2050 project shows the progress of its climate actions in Gipuzkoa to the NEEMO monitors; The LIFE programme highlights the recovery of the Nervión river basin as a success story; and more.


Newsletter 7

Urban Klima 2050 unveils its advances in climate action at Uhinak 2022; Urban Klima 2050 showcased on the international RegionsWithNature platform; and more.


Newsletter 6

Bermeo restores the natural area of Tonpoi for public use; ASTEKLIMA encourages public to take part in activities to foster energy & climate transition; and more.


Newsletter 5

The Urban Klima 2050 project supports local organic farming initiatives in Vitoria-Gasteiz; The Basque Country participates in the production of Europe's first cross-border climate change strategy; and more.


Newsletter 4

Urban Klima 2050 reports on the progress during the second year of its climate actions to the European Commission’s technical assistance team; Urban Klima 2050 at the COP26; and more.


Newsletter 3

Urban Klima 2050 launches an upgraded, more visual website with more content; PreCOP26 event: ‘Urban Klima 2050: multi-stakeholder collaboration to finance and bridge the adaptation gap in the Basque Country'; and more.


Newsletter 2

Urban Klima 2050 positive about its progress ; AZTI warns of the vulnerability of the Basque Country's beaches to climate change; and more.


Newsletter 1

Urban Klima 2050 succesfully passes the visit of the European Commission after its first year of operation; Urban Klima 2050 and Donostia-San Sebastián City Council recover the native species in Mount Oberan; and more.