Learning Experience at Tecnun

Tecnun – School of Engineering of UNAV, Donostia
45 attendees


The goal of this Learning Experience was to raise awareness and encourage the participants to reflect on the impacts of climate change in the field of industry. Future engineers have to be aware that climate change not only impacts the environment, but also has a negative impact on industry. They therefore need to consider aspects such as the impact on the supply chain, facilities and equipment, operations, etc.

The Learning Experience, set up by NaturKlima Foundation and Tecnun, was a work session for Engineering in Industrial Organisation students to consider climate change and its impact on industry.

The first part of the session set out the possible impacts that climate change could have on industry and the second was a group exercise when the students worked on a practical case. During that task, the short-, medium- and long-term strategic planning of a car component company from Gipuzkoa was constrained by the envisaged worsening of climate conditions in south-east Asia, where 60% of the raw materials of its production chain came from.  In addition of the supply problems, the location of the company, near to a river with a risk of flooding, had also generated an economic cost associated to sporadic problems.  The groups of students drew conclusions from this context and explained their proposals to solve the case.