Action C.4.2:
Key green infrastructure for improving urban-rural connection and the resilience of the territory

We are carrying out seven pilot projects in the three provinces to improve resilience in urban-rural connection areas.

In Bermeo, degraded peri-urban areas will be restored to adapt them to the effects of climate change and organic farming practices will be encouraged. The aim is to promote organic and local agriculture of the Aramangelu/Basaldea park in the surroundings of Vitoria-Gasteiz, to restore the degraded areas of the periphery and to classify all the agro-ecological zones of the municipality. The Artikutza dam in Donostia-San Sebastian will be restored to its natural condition. Finally, in the region of Debabarrena, a green ring will be created to restore the area to a natural state.

We will follow up all actions to measure the benefits obtained, determining the CO2 sequestering or fixing effect achieved.

Bermeo: Obras de recuperación del espacio natural de Tonpoi

Donosti: Recuperación Artikuntza

Gasteiz: Basaldea, Centro de Empresas Agroecológicas

Zarautz: Anillo verde azul para ña adaptación al cambio climático del municipio

Estimated cost

2,090,147 €



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  • 31/12/2020   ·   7.881 Mb
    Annual pilot project monitoring report
  • 31/12/2021   ·   9.653 Mb
    Annual pilot project monitoring report
  • 20/08/2022
    Status report on the green infrastructure network in Debabarrena
  • 30/12/2022
    Agro-ecological map of the Green Belt of Vitoria-Gasteiz. Scale 1:50,000
  • 31/12/2022
    Annual pilot project monitoring report
  • 31/12/2023
    Annual pilot project monitoring report
  • 31/12/2024
    Annual pilot project monitoring report
  • 31/12/2025
    Annual pilot project monitoring report