15/09/2022 - 16/09/2022 :
COURSE: New Responses to the Climate Crisis in the Current Geopolitical and Energy Context

In person: Bizkaia Aretoa-UPV/EHU Avda. Abandoibarra, 3. 4800

BC3, in collaboration with the UPV/EHU's Summer Courses Foundation, will hold the 12th edition of its Summer Course in 2022. This year it will focus on analysing new responses to the climate emergency in the current situation of geopolitical and energy crisis.

It will address how recent developments may reshape climate policy in the European Union and also its implications at the global level. In this context, new approaches to energy issues are also emerging, which should be analysed with rigour and calm. Moreover, the situation generated by rising energy prices makes it urgent to reflect on the best policies to deploy at this time and their impact on citizens, as well as to assess how these events may affect public opinion and the importance it attaches to the climate crisis.

These and other current issues on the climate agenda will be addressed by prestigious people from the fields of science, environmental NGOs, energy companies, government and think tanks.

The Summer Course will also include an event open to the whole of society and focused on the Basque Country. In this event, prominent people from the Basque society will reflect on the advances in the Basque Green Deal in the current international context.