19/05/2023 - 19/05/2023 :
Climate change adaptation requirements in urban planning


Implications for urban planning of Law 7/2021 of 20th May on Climate Change and Energy Transition

Law 7/2021 has been a milestone with regard to climate action in the State and, in particular, adaptation to the impacts of climate change. The Law provides for the integration of climate change risks in the planning and management of sectoral policies, such as water, coastal, territorial and urban planning, urban development, building and transport infrastructure, food safety and diet, as well as public health.

A particularly relevant aspect is the Fourth Final Provision, which modifies the revised text of the Law on Land and Urban Rehabilitation, approved by Royal Legislative Decree 7/2015, of 30th October. This provision incorporates the need to consider the risks arising from climate change in land use planning, and the adaptation of the calculation and design of building and transport infrastructure to climate change.

Requirement applicable to urban planning

The aim of this conference is to show resources, approaches and examples to address this new requirement applicable to urban planning.

The webinar is aimed at technical and political staff of local administrations (city councils and provincial councils), as well as regional and general state administrations.

This is a private, invitation-only webinar.


19 MAY

9:30 am - 9:35 am -- Introduction -- Efrén Feliu (TECNALIA)

9:35 am - 9:45 am -- Legal framework -- Patricia Klett (Spanish Climate Change Office)

9:45 am - 10:05 am -- Methodology and resources -- Gemma García and Efrén Feliu (TECNALIA)

10:05 am - 10:20 am -- Example of Bilbao's PGOU -- Susana Ruiz (Head of the Bilbao PGOU Office)

10:20 am - 10:30 am -- Close and presentation of the national conference on adaptation to climate change in urban planning -- Joaquín Farinós (President of FUNDICOT)

10:30 am - 11:00 am -- Conclusions and questions